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November 2020

Orders for AKKOtune compact V2.5/2.6 will no longer be accepted.

September 2020

AKKOtune compact V3 is ready. The previous AKKOtune compact with manual switching of the wind direction will soon be replaced by the new version 3.

The innovations include full electronic control of all functions. The wind direction is switched via large push buttons, as is the stop function. The system is switched ON via the central rotary knob, which also sets the strength of the play wind. As before, the air pressure can be read on a display.

The reversal of the wind direction control is also new. If you want to play a "halved" instrument with pressure, the pressure key is correct. The wind through an de-mounted reed block that rests on the blowhole is the other way around. With the reverse switch you can easily switch between halved instrument and reed block and use the correct pushbuttons for PUSH and PULL.

The connection for external start has been expanded - a foot switch with 3 pedals for start PUSH / PULL and STOP can now be connected.

The best:
the price could could be lowered. The price list is available in the download area.

July 2020

The new less expensive system AKKOtune modular LE can be ordered now.

The price list can be downloaded in the DOWNLOADS area. Also now available is a control panel with a pressure display already included. This means that 2 control panels,
2 different foot switches and a foot controller are optionally available.

A functional minimum system is available from EUR 1170 (see notes in the price list).

May 2020

New AKKOtune modular System at advantageous pricing

A call for help - for the handling of a diatonic instrument with a handicap  -  leads to the new development of the AKKOtune modular LE (lean edition). An injured biker wants to be able to play his Morino Club again, but has no strength in his left arm. Now he is looking forward to the solution specially developed for him:

An AKKOtune modular BlowBox with electronic blower control and wind direction switch. The soundproofed blower box is operated via an external control unit, with which he can switch the wind direction very quickly (very important with a diatonic instrument) using a foot rocker switch and select the preset volume using three foot switches.

In the foreseeable future, this development will form the basis for a new modular system with reduced specification at a slimmed-down price. Operation is via a small control panel for setting the wind strength and three buttons for push / pull and stop. A foot switch and an external air pressure display can also be connected.

You are welcome to contact us directly for more information. The price has not yet been determined.

 Here you find a comparison chart for the systems.

April 2020

The prices for AKKOtune modular were set too high due to a calculation error.
The corrected price lists are now online.

April 2020

The support and clamping for reed blocks on the AKKOblock direct tuner have been significantly improved. The height can be adjusted from the front using a locking screw. Reed blocks are no longer clamped with a threaded rod, but with a spring-loaded slider.

Further information here.

Previous reed block support can be easily retrofitted with the new system!

October 2019

When I started to make my first tuning table I was fully aware that I would need a measurement of the air pressure inside the bellows. I needed an indication for the force that would be applied to the reeds in test.

I then made use of a U-tube and in it ascending or descending liquid.

On the internet, I had searched and found nothing, as well as a customer, who could not find anything for his existing tuning device, and asked me for a solution.

So why not pack AKKOtune's proven pressure measurement and display technology into a small practical device that is easy to use.

There is it now - the air pressure gauge AKKOmbar, which can display both negative pressure and overpressure up to 20 mbar. Approximately 10 mbar corresponds to the air pressure with loud playing of an accordion.

More information about the new part can be found here and in the price lists for downloading.

It can be ordered immediately and can be delivered in approx. 4 weeks.