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AKKOtune COMPACT - The System

Application of AKKOtune compact

  • AKKOtune compact is supplied with an external 12V DC power supply. To turn it on, use the switch in the power cord. On the front panel, control LEDs for power supply and the air pressure gauge light up.
  • It should display about 0.00 mbar. The display can be zeroed with the turn knob above.
  • Before the air flow is switched on with the toggle switch on the front, the correct blow hole insert should be installed. The strength of the airflow / air pressure can be set with the SPEED rotary control.
  • The display shows PUSH and PULL strength up to about 10 millibars. Under load, e.g. by placing a reed block, the display increases, and you can adjust with the knob to the desired pressure.
  • Both the cover plate and the blowhole inserts provide a good side air seal through the covering with the rough side of the leather.
  • 9 threaded inserts M6 are available in the top plate for mounting accessories. Two star grip screws fix such as a reed block guide or the lateral hold-down for instrument fixation.
  • The top plate with its dimensions is enough also for large instruments, which can be placed (bass or treble part taken off) with the bellows over the large blowhole. They are fixed with the side hold downs / fixation bracket and the air seal on the bellows is made with the edge compensation foam mat.        
  • Thus, the treble / bass can be played through in all registers on PUSH and PULL and measured.
  • The AKKOtune operating noise is far below the generated volume from the reeds. In a workroom with several busy people, it is audible only at increased power.