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Once upon a time…

…there was the wish to tune my own accordion perfectly. Unfortunately, I did not have the experience and technical resources to put it into practice.

However, as I always had instruments to repair on the table, I decided to order the measuring and analysis software Accordion-Tuner from Dirk's Projects.

The software was quickly installed, but I soon realized that my simple hand-operated tuning table did not meet the requirements. There were no tuning tables on the market that fit into my budget and my workshop also.

In 2014, I started to develop a device that met my wishes: AKKOtune 1.0

I learned that many others involved in tuning reed instruments had the same problems as I had before.

If you want to build a tuning table, you always have to take money in your hand and spend a lot of time until the ready-to-use device is in the workshop.

My AKKOtune became a device for the market.

It can now be much easier and you can be sure that all possibilities are available and the latest technology is used.

Meanwhile, many developments have been made and useful accessories built.

AKKOtune compact
Standard accessories
Special accessories

AKKOtune modularwith its System Components
Standard accessories
Special accessories

AKKOtune comparison chart
system comparison
AKKOtune Vergleichsmatrix_2.pdf (428.38KB)
AKKOtune comparison chart
system comparison
AKKOtune Vergleichsmatrix_2.pdf (428.38KB)

AKKOtune modular LE 

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Sometimes one is amazed when another request comes from a new country and we are happy that the accordion, the Styrian, the Schwyzer Örgeli, the bandoneon, etc. are really popular all over the world...

...that the AKKOtune tuning table finally had to come on the market, however, amazes by no means.

Payment and Delivery:
The production of the equipment is made to order and takes between 4 and 8 weeks depending on the size of the order and the number of orders to be processed.

After clarification of the desired parts, a quotation is sent and then a corresponding invoice, which must be paid in advance.

After receiving the payment, the customer receives an order confirmation - the scheduling into the production process begins.

Depending on the recipient country, shipping costs are to be paid inclusive or pro rata. This will be stated in the invoice.

I almost forgot to mention that I also repair and upgrade instruments. Often it is only trivial things that spoil the pleasure of playing. Sometimes there are serious reasons for a repair. For almost everything can be found but a solution.

I look forward to your call or e-mail.

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