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AKKOtune modular Special accessories (optional)

  • AKKOtune DESK    Blow Hole Worktop

    In the center there is a slot at the front in the top plate, which is covered with robust saddler leather, to accommodate various blowhole inserts (see accessories).

    9 threaded inserts M6 are available in the top plate for mounting accessories. Two star grip screws fix such as a reed block guide or the lateral hold-down for instrument fixation.

    The top plate with its dimensions is enough also for large instruments, which can be placed (bass or treble part taken off) with the bellows over the large blowhole. They are fixed with the side hold downs / fixation bracket and the air seal on the bellows is made with the edge compensation foam mat. Thus, the treble / bass can be played through in all registers on PUSH and PULL and measured.

    AKKOtune DESK comes with the standard accessories for AKKOtune compact.

    Also suitable are the special accessories for AKKOtune compact.

  • AKKOtune DESK USB      Blow Hole Worktop with integrated microphones and USB port
    One microphone is installed in the blowhole, another is a gooseneck microphone mounted in the back of the top plate and connected. The electronics module is activated via USB and allows the use of microphones individually or together.
    In addition to the standard accessories as with AKKOtune DESK a USB cable is included.
  • AKKOtune modular Foot Switch
    Very sturdy arrangement with one pedal each for start UP and DOWN.
    Once the pedal is relieved, the air flow stops. Contactless version with electronic signal transmission.
    With 1.8m cable, ready for connection to Control.
  • External Pushbutton Panel
    3 pushbuttons for start UP / DOWN and STOP monted on a plate montiert with 2m Kabel, ready for plug-in to Control.
  • Flat Desktop Pushbutton Panel
    Keypad with 3 large contactless oprerated buttons for start UP / DOWN and STOP. The 11mm flat design allows it to be placed on the table. With 1m cable for direct connection to Control.
  • Desktop housing for Control
    If you do not want to hang the control unit on the wall or install it in the work table frame, Control in a desktop housing is a good solution. It can be set up on the right or left in the work area and for better usability of the buttons, these are available on both sides.
    At the top, the housing has a tray area for small tools.
  • AKKOmbar - Air Pressure Monitor for up to 20 mbar
    The small desktop device displays the measured air pressure on a large backlit LCD.
    So  you always have information about the prevailing air pressure in the bellows.  Connections for the air hose and the included PSU are on the back. With the included installation guide you learn how to implement a pressure probe and connect it to the device.

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