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NEWS 2024

July 2024

The systems in the AKKOtune series are being renewed.
COMPACT: AKKOtune compact is getting a new top-of-the-line system.
a) Integrated microphones and USB output
b) Integrated chromatic tuner
c) Connection for wind speed pedal
d) new BlowBox, internally mounted on rubber bearings
As before
d) Connection for remote start pedals
e) Air pressure display
f) Rotary knob for ON/OFF and wind speed
g) Switch for general wind direction reversal
h) Button for short-term stop
i) Button for wind control
j) LEDs for voltage display
k) Fuse for system
l) External 12V power supply
m) Worktop 60 x 38 cm, with leather cover
n) Blowhole slots for quick changes, with locking mechanism
o) Threaded bushings in the worktop for attaching accessories

The new AKKOtune compact All-in-One V5.1 contains everything that the ATc (AKKOtune compact) has and also the option of checking the tuning on the device with a “chromatic tuner”.
On the right of the control area there is a pointer display and LEDs that show whether the tuning is too low, too high or OK. A sound can also be output that can be compared with the blown reed. The technology of a well-known manufacturer was integrated for this.

The ATcAiO V5.1 always has a built-in microphone and an associated gooseneck microphone, which is long enough to extend over the keyboard of a halved accordion and can pick up the tones from the treble. The signal strength of both microphones is adjusted with two controls, and a switch is used to select which microphone signal is used: blowhole, gooseneck or both.
With another switch, the microphone signal can be routed either to the internal chromatic tuner or to the USB port if you are working very precisely with an external tuner such as Dirk's Accordion Tuner.

Connections for external foot pedals can be found on the left side. You can connect a foot switch for wind control (up / down / stop or short stop) and a pedal for external control of the wind strength. There is a switch on the front for selecting "internal / external wind strength".

MODULAR: AKKOtune modular LE gets a new BlowBox
a) improved service access
b) the air flow has been made more streamlined
d) the air port is straight, an angled hose connection is made using an adapter
e) larger damping housing with more sound-absorbing material
f) attachable HEPA filter

Additionally with
AKKOtune modular

a) new internal BlowBox
b) new control electronics

May 2024

The AKKOtune BlowBox module is very suitable if you want to replace a bellows in a tuning table that is located underneath. The bellows is replaced by a box that is mounted under the worktop instead of the bellows. The BlowBox module is located in this box and can generate the necessary PUSH or PULL that was previously generated by the bellows. The only difference is that the pressure can now be regulated electronically and there is no limited volume. Here is a schematic presentation as an example.

the other day I got encouraging feedback from two customers:

  • hello Robert, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the AKKOtune compact. Yesterday I finished building the workbench for the device and was able to use it briefly. I can tell how much thought and consideration you put into perfecting the design.
  • Hi Robert and thank you so much for all your instructions.... I would like to place an order for additional accessories.... and let me thank you again for such an amazing machine.... I am overwhelmed by your precision and fine craftsmanship.

March 2024

AKKOtune modular LE now with new BlowBox - see PDF

AKKOtune compact Version 5 is released. New in this version is the ability to control the air pressure with a foot pedal. After activation by a switch, the internal fan is adjusted by the rocker position of the pedal. You can preset the maximum pressure on the pedal so that the air flow can be increased very sensitively, while you can monitor the pressure on the display. You can still choose between versions 4 and 5 when ordering.

January 2024

AKKOtune is a desirable system! This can already be seen from the fact that fraudsters on the Internet are trying to use the name AKKOtune and the image of an old system at a sensationally low price to persuade interested parties to hand over their account details and their money. Since the price of $61.88 can only be a trap that no sensible person should fall for, it follows that the blowers installed in the system already cost more when purchased. Thanks to the customer who pointed it out.

NEWS 2023

November 2023

A new holder for harmonica reed plates is being developed for a customer that allows the air to be released for one chamber at a time with reeds for blowing and pulling via an air button.

October 2023

Due to the success of the discount promotion until the end of September,
we extend the promotion with 20% special discount until the end of October - this time on EVERYTHING.

September 2023 - 25% Special Discount for orders until End September

AKKOflip Bandonion attracts great interest. the prices have been added to the AKKOflip price sheet. 3 versions are available: M, L and XL for different sizes of adapter rings to acommodate different sizes of sound boards. Also there is now 2 new options: 1. wind entry from behind and a closed bottom, 2. Two built-in microphones with USB port.

August 2023

AKKOflip Bandonion AFB
There is now a special version of the AKKOflip for tuning of Bandonion, Chemnitzer Konzertina and other instruments, which have a sound board, on which the reed blocks are fixed together with reedplates.

The problem with these sound bords is,
- the reed blocks are often not removable
- the reedplates carry up to 12 reeds (times two) next to each other
- the reedplates sometimes have different thicknesses (within one plate)
- the permanently mounted keys are on the opposite side

You can only blow the reeds correctly if the reedplates are in their working position, i.e. fixed on the sound board. To do this, the corresponding key on the opposite side of the sound board must be pressed.

Now we have developed a device as an accessory for the tuning table, which makes it possible to clamp the sound board very easily airtight  as if it were inserted in the instrument. 

We call this device a swivel box (with a swivel frame), where the swivel box forms the resonance chamber for tone development. The sound board is mounted on an adapter plate, which always has the same external dimensions. There are 3 different AFB sizes availabe for adapter rings of 280 x 280 mm (AFB M), 280 x 300 mm (AFB L) and 300 x 320 mm (AFB XL).

Since the sound boards differ from instrument to instrument, the respective adapter plate must be made individually by the tuning craftsman. That means that the adapter plate forms a kind of ring made of approx. 6mm thick plywood, cut out on the inside so far that the reed blocks and plates fit through it.

After the sound board has been screwed onto the adapter ring, it can be clamped into the swivel frame with the keys facing upwards. Now turn on the airflow from the AKKOtune tuning table and press the key of the tone chamber you want to check.

After the swivel frame has been quickly unlocked, it can be lifted and rotated very easily.
To do this, it sits in a holder that guides it and allows the sound board to be fixed at any angle of rotation. This allows the sound board to be placed so that you can access the reedplates and reeds for tuning.

May 2023

The AKKOflip system gets an addition: AKKOflip for Bandonion. The bandonion and other instruments with similar construction can now be measured and tuned with AKKOflip. The lateral end pieces with the button mechanism and the mounted reed plates can be fixed on the top plate with an adapter. All notes are playable because the buttons are on top when AKKOflip is closed. When opened, the reeds are easily accessible. The new AKKOflip system will soon appear in the AKKOflip price list.

April 2023

For those who want to use their bellows driven tuning station also in future we developed an upgrade that that provides some advantages of the AKKOtune DESK worktop without having the full version with it's increased weight and size.

AKKOtune miniDESK complements the cover plate of a hand-operated tuning bellows with interchangeable blowholes and corresponding accessories, as well as an adjustable guide rail for reed blocks.

You will find the AKKOtune miniDESK with different variants in the price list for Special Accessories.

March 2023

The Multiholder (code E1) has been replaced by three smaller reedplate holders. The previous E1 was quite complicated to make and expensive. Now the single replacements E1-1, E1-2 and E1-3 certain reed plate widths, that you consider important. The prices are lower and the products is available faster.

You will find the new AKKOtune Multiholders in the new price list for Special Accessories.

March 2023

New price lists are online
In the download section the new price lists are ready. The prices are almost the same as before. Only the USD prices had to be corrected upwards according to the current exchange rates. What is new is that the prices for the systems have been freed from the special accessories and a separate price list has been created for them, because the previous summary in one list was too confusing.
We hope that now there is more clarity.

January 2023

Feedback from a user for AKKOtune compact: ... I would like to order a 2nd unit of that again. Again the same version...
I must say that I am very satisfied with the device and it makes our work much easier in the range of pre-tuning.
With kind regards

December 2022

Feedback from a user for AKKOtune modular: ...the device seems to be very useful for us ... I would like to order herewith exactly the same variant as already delivered...
Thank you and best regards

November 2022

More new applications for AKKOflip. Prices for variants with single reed plate holders and helicon reed plates have been reduced significantly. A new variant is available for tremolo tuning of 2 or 3 reed plates with 15 to 19 mm width and up to a length of 70 mm.

October 2022

AKKOflip has got some new applications. After AKKOflip, the additional device for tuning as if installed, has found its first applications in the production of harmonicas, the application possibilities have been extended again.

Since the cover plate with the blow holes can be exchanged very easily, there is now also one with a holder for helicon reedplates and one with a multi-holder for single reedplates.

Narrow helicon reedplates and wide ones with two reeds each can be inserted, measured and tuned directly. The two tone chambers are each opened (can be fixed) and closed via a flap key. Correspondingly, the tone chambers of the multi-holder.

August 2022

AKKOblock - due to low demand and because the device is very costly to manufacture, production is discontinued. A good alternative is the AKKOflip, which is now available.

August 2022

Finally: the order for pressure sensors from September 2021 has been delivered.

Devices with pressure display can be ordered again as normal:
AKKOtune compact, modular, modular LE (mit Bedienteil ATmLE 2) und AKKOmbar.

June 2022
New Catalogue in the downloads and AKKOflip on YouTube

An overview of (nearly) all available AKKOtune systems, accessories and special devices can now be downloaded from the download area. The catalogue is made in English and German. Furthermore on Youtube are videos to explanate working with AKKOflip.

May 2022

New Accessory: AKKOflip

Many of our colleages prefer the tuning of reeds while the reed block keeps mounted inside the instrument. Thats because of the different frequency spectrum of reeds, when they are sounding within the resonance volume of the instrument's body compared to the sound with  the reed block demounted.

Now we provide a possibility of resonance volume simulation upon the worktop of an AKKOtune system.

A box, equivalent to the resonance volume of an accordion has a lid equipped with holders for a reed block. The reed block can be moved sideways in order to place any tone chamber under a hole for blowing.

When the lid is closed, the reed block is inside the resonance chamber as if it were mounted inside the instrument. On the outside of the lid there are flaps which can be operated and also locked.

This makes it possible to completely measure the reed block and conveniently tune each reed; to do this, you flip open the lid and have the reed block directly in front of you.

April 2022

The System AKKOtune modular can be ordered again!
Now with improved BlowBox:
the small digital servos have been replaced by larger and stronger types. The elctronic servo control  now switches the servo power only on for moving the air valves. This ensures that the servo motors cannot get over-heated and make no noise in their end position. The PUSH/PULL-changeover is as quick as before.

January 2022

Due to the corona pandemic, the electronic sensors for pressure measurement have become very expensive and also have an extremely long delivery time.
If any can be obtained for orders (of e.g. AKKOtune compact), currently 80 EUR must be added to the list prices.

The AKKOtune modular system is currently not available for order.The price lists have been removed from the download area.

November 2020

Orders for AKKOtune compact V2.5/2.6 will no longer be accepted.

September 2020

AKKOtune compact V3 is ready. The previous AKKOtune compact with manual switching of the wind direction will soon be replaced by the new version 3.

The innovations include full electronic control of all functions. The wind direction is switched via large push buttons, as is the stop function. The system is switched ON via the central rotary knob, which also sets the strength of the play wind. As before, the air pressure can be read on a display.

The reversal of the wind direction control is also new. If you want to play a "halved" instrument with pressure, the pressure key is correct. The wind through an de-mounted reed block that rests on the blowhole is the other way around. With the reverse switch you can easily switch between halved instrument and reed block and use the correct pushbuttons for PUSH and PULL.

The connection for external start has been expanded - a foot switch with 3 pedals for start PUSH / PULL and STOP can now be connected.

The best:
the price could could be lowered. The price list is available in the download area.

July 2020

The new less expensive system AKKOtune modular LE can be ordered now.

The price list can be downloaded in the DOWNLOADS area. Also now available is a control panel with a pressure display already included. This means that 2 control panels,
2 different foot switches and a foot controller are optionally available.

A functional minimum system is available from EUR 1170 (see notes in the price list).

May 2020

New AKKOtune modular System at advantageous pricing

A call for help - for the handling of a diatonic instrument with a handicap  -  leads to the new development of the AKKOtune modular LE (lean edition). An injured biker wants to be able to play his Morino Club again, but has no strength in his left arm. Now he is looking forward to the solution specially developed for him:

An AKKOtune modular BlowBox with electronic blower control and wind direction switch. The soundproofed blower box is operated via an external control unit, with which he can switch the wind direction very quickly (very important with a diatonic instrument) using a foot rocker switch and select the preset volume using three foot switches.

In the foreseeable future, this development will form the basis for a new modular system with reduced specification at a slimmed-down price. Operation is via a small control panel for setting the wind strength and three buttons for push / pull and stop. A foot switch and an external air pressure display can also be connected.

You are welcome to contact us directly for more information. The price has not yet been determined.

 Here you find a comparison chart for the systems.

April 2020

The prices for AKKOtune modular were set too high due to a calculation error.
The corrected price lists are now online.

April 2020

The support and clamping for reed blocks on the AKKOblock direct tuner have been significantly improved. The height can be adjusted from the front using a locking screw. Reed blocks are no longer clamped with a threaded rod, but with a spring-loaded slider.

Further information here.

Previous reed block support can be easily retrofitted with the new system!

October 2019

When I started to make my first tuning table I was fully aware that I would need a measurement of the air pressure inside the bellows. I needed an indication for the force that would be applied to the reeds in test.

I then made use of a U-tube and in it ascending or descending liquid.

On the internet, I had searched and found nothing, as well as a customer, who could not find anything for his existing tuning device, and asked me for a solution.

So why not pack AKKOtune's proven pressure measurement and display technology into a small practical device that is easy to use.

There is it now - the air pressure gauge AKKOmbar, which can display both negative pressure and overpressure up to 20 mbar. Approximately 10 mbar corresponds to the air pressure with loud playing of an accordion.

More information about the new part can be found here and in the price lists for downloading.

It can be ordered immediately and can be delivered in approx. 4 weeks.