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AKKOflip Cover Plates

The cover plate is available in various designs. For changing purposes it can be exchanged quickly. It has a thickness of 6 mm, is made of very rigid formica (Resopal) and measures 570 x 220 mm. All cover plates are made to order and are not in stock!

Version for Production
Cover plates for tuning reed blocks of a uniform production can be provided with a hole pattern corresponding to that of an always identical reed block.

Depending on customer specifications, the same hole and key arrangements as in the instrument can be realized. This means that the keys also correspond to the tones of the instrument.

If, for example, a 2-voices reed block of a harmonica is to be tuned, the holes of one row must first be masked so that only one of the two notes under the key sounds when the key is pressed. Then the other row of tone chamber holes and without masking both notes under the key can be played together.

Due to the simple and quick exchange of the cover plate, it is possible to change from one hole pattern to another. The cover plate always includes all keys and optionally a cassotto. Parts of the reed block holder can be used on the next one when changing the cover plate. The length of the reed blocks can vary between 15 cm and 42 cm.

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