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AKKOtune compact V4 tuning table

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Sense and Purpose

When using conventional tuning tables with manual or pedal-operated bellows, there are a few disadvantages:

  • Manually generated air pressure is not always uniform and therefore slightly changes the pitch of the measured reed. 
  • The bellows’ volume is often not sufficient to complete a measurement.
  • To create the same wind direction a second time, you have to first empty the bellows once.
  • A tuning table with pedal operation takes up a lot of space.
  • A hand-operated tuning table leaves only one hand free to work.

Description of the Appliance

Everything you need for high-quality tuning work is contained in a compact case.

  • The electronically generated and controlled air pressure can be set from approximately 0.5 to 10 millibar (1000 pascals) (which is approximately equal to the maximum pressure of a player) and is continuous. The electronic pressure measurement can be read on the display for PUSH and PULL. Especially when tuning the beat tones, compliance with the air pressure is very important.
  • The airflow is present while it is turned on.
  • The wind can be startet by pushbuttons for PUSH or PULL  and reversed directly.
    A 3rd pushbutton will stop the wind.
  • AKKOtune compact can be placed on a worktable or mounted in a worktop cut-out due to its very compact design. When not in use, the device also fits on the shelf.
  • You always have both hands free for all tuning work.
  • In the center there is a slot at the front in the top plate, which is covered with robust saddler leather, to accommodate various blowhole inserts (see accessories).
  • The optional version AKKOtune compact USB has an integrated and a gooseneck microphone. An electronic module at the right front edge is used to output the microphone signals individually or together to USB.

Technical specifications:

  • o  Dimensions: W 600 x D 380 x H 193 mm
    o  Weight, excl. accessories: approx. 14 kg
    Air performance: 1280 Pa max. static pressure
    Usable pressure range: approx. 0.5 - 9.9 mbar
    Power Supply: ext. PSU 12V DC, 6000 mA: