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AKKOflip Cover Plates

The cover plate is available in various designs. For changing purposes it can be exchanged quickly. It has a thickness of 6 mm, is made of very rigid formica (Resopal) and measures 570 x 220 mm. All cover plates are made to order and are not in stock!

Standard version
On the bottom side, which is on top after folding closed, there are quick holders for a reed block.

The hold-downs allow the reed blocks to be moved laterally along a stop bar. This allows each tone chamber to be placed in a position where it is opposite a hole in the top plate, which is closed from above with flap and key. When the key is pressed, air can flow through the chamber and the sound of the reed is heard.

Since there are 9 keys with associated holes on the top plate, all the tone chambers of even the longest reed blocks can be reached by moving them sideways; even if the tone chambers are spaced individually. Since the stop bar is provided with markings for the position of the holes, one can easily position the reed plates.

Two or three hold-downs are used to fix a reed block. They can be pushed onto the threaded bolts and pressed down. This presses the spring-loaded rollers onto the reed block and the hold-down remains locked in height. To release, press the button on the back and pull up the hold-down.

There are 9 keys on the top of the top plate; below them are the air vents. The keys can be locked in the open position by simply pressing a small lever. Pressing the button again releases the lock and the flap closes again.

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