AKKOfixx Akkordeon-Service

...we fix it - you play it!



I regard every instrument as a "sweetheart" and treat it that way. The service is always specially adapted to the task and is offered at low rates. For special requests, I always have an open ear.

  • Corrective Action
  • Replacement of broken or lost components
  • Processing / renewal of unsightly parts
  • Checking the tuning and correction or retuning
  • Clean and re-apply reeds and reed plates/reed blocks
  • Replacement of reed plates and valves
  • Cleaning and overhauling the register mechanism
  • Cleaning and overhauing the bass mechanics
  • Cleaning and adjusting the keyboard
  • Cleaning or renewing the bellows
  • Replacement of shoulder straps, bass straps and bellow holders
  • Replacement of flap coverings
  • Installation of microphone systems
  • Installation of MIDI systems