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AKKOtune compact Special Accessories (optional)

  • Top plate with integrated microphones and USB port.
    One microphone is installed in the blowhole, another is a gooseneck microphone mounted in the back of the top plate and connected. The electronics module is activated via USB and allows the use of microphones individually or together. In addition to the standard accessories as with AKKOtune compact a USB cable is included.
  • Blow hole inserts: according to customer specs, e.g. hole size, number and shape
  • Reed block guide, 440x80mm, 60mm adjustable, with slidable hold-down, attachable extension and pinch roller.
  • Gooseneck with microphone clip, 450mm long, mounting base with M6 star grip screw (without microphone)
  • Reed plate holder          (as blow hole insert)
    for all reed plate sizes from 15 to 25 mm width and 20 to 90 mm length.
    Double / triple insertion of reed plate possible for tuning beat frequencies.
    Reed tuning directly in holder possible.
  • Reed plate holder for 98mm long Helicon reed plates from 26-55mm width.
  • Reed plate holder Bandoneon-, Bayan- und Harmonica reed plates
  • Fixation bracket for Bandoneon, 415mm wide with long extensions and rest pads for side hold-downs - adjustable width
  • AKKOmbar - NEW - Air Pressure Monitor for up to 20 mbar
    The small desktop device displays the measured air pressure on a large backlit LCD.
    So  you always have information about the prevailing air pressure in the bellows.  Connections for the air hose and the included PSU are on the back. With the included installation guide you learn how to implement a pressure probe and connect it to the device.


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