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AKKOtune MODULAR - The System

Application of AKKOtune modular

  • AKKOtune modular is supplied with an external 12V DC power supply. To turn it on, use the switch in the power cord; presence of the external power is indicated by an LED on the control front.
  • On Control’s front, the system is started by a toggle switch, whereupon the blower and reversing valve functions in the BlowBox as well as the function of the microcontroller are tested.
  • The system then waits for the preselection of the pressure and start of the wind with an UP or DOWN pushbutton. Then pressure or suction through the 50mm hose is initiated.
  • With the buttons UP, DOWN or STOP or the optional foot switch, the test wind is controlled comfortably and quickly.
  • Via the display (in any desired language) the pressure measurement can be tared or the operating mode switched to remote start.
  • The AKKOtune modular operating noise is far below the generated volume from the reeds. In a workroom with several busy people, it is audible only at increased power. By placing the BlowBox under the work table, the noise reduction can be further improved.

AKKOtune modular system components (included)

  • BlowBox  Air Stream Generator
    The actual airflow generator with the electronically controlled blower and the digital servo valves for controlling the wind direction are housed in a compact exterior housing for noise reduction.
    The BlowBox is connected to the control unit via a cable that is up to two meters long.
    The 50mm flange on the front can be swiveled 360 degrees vertically to optimally route the connected air hose in the direction of the blow hole in the worktable.
    Two LEDs on the front indicate presence of the internal voltages 12V for the fan and 6V for the digital servos.
  • o  Dimensions, w/o flange: W 160 x D 300 x H360 mm
    o  Weight, w/o accessories: approx. 7 kg
    Air Power: 1280 Pa max. static pressure

    Usabel pressure range: approx. 0.2 - 9.9 mbar

    Power Supply: via Control unit
  • Control unit
    By default, the control unit can be mounted in the frame of the work table or hung on the wall behind the table.
    On the front panel are the ON / OFF switch, the color display, the adjustment knob and 3 buttons for
    wind UP, DOWN and STOP.
    On the bottom are connections for external buttons, a foot switch, remote start, pressure measurement and the external power supply.
  • o  Dimensions: W 180 x D 80 x H 120 mm
    Weight: approx 0.7 kg

    Power Supply: ext PSU 12V DC, 6000 mA