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AKKOtune modular  System

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Sense and Purpose

When using conventional tuning tables with manual or pedal-operated bellows, there are a few disadvantages:

  • Manually generated air pressure is not always uniform and therefore slightly changes the pitch of the measured reed.
  • The bellows’ volume is often not sufficient to complete a measurement.
  • To create the same wind direction a second time, you have to first empty the bellows once.
  • A hand-operated tuning table leaves only one hand free to work.
  • Many tuning professionals or hobbyists already have a system in operation and work with it, because they knew nothing else. An AKKOtune compact is out of the question for them because they want to continue to use their usual aids.

Description of the appliance

With AKKOtune modular it is possible to upgrade an existing tuning workstation with manual or foot-operated bellows to
state-of-the-art technology. Through the use of a powerful microcontroller, the desired air pressure can be preset and
will be automatically readjusted even under load. The air control is done by pressing a button.

  •  The system consists of the airflow generator BlowBox and the control unit Control.
  • An existing worktop with blowhole is complemented from below by a flange for a 50mm air hose.
  • In the flange, the pressure is captured and directed to Control via measuring hose. The 50mm air hose connects the flange to the BlowBox, which is placed under the worktable. Since both flanges are rotatable and the hose can be up to 2m long, the installation is very flexible.
  • The BlowBox is connected to Control via cable and generates the air pressure in the selected wind direction according to the specifications set on Control.
  • With the optional worktop AKKOtune DESK or AKKOtune DESK USB can be easily set up a complete tuning workstation, which also allows the use of the available accessories.